Research and M & E  Services,

Feasibility Studies
We do feasibility studies for different firms and organizations in different industries. Basically, a feasibility study is a preliminary study undertaken to determine and document a project's viability. The results of this study are used to make a decision whether or not to proceed with the project.

Impact Assessment
Broadly, impact assessment is the process of identifying the anticipated or actual impacts of a development intervention, on those social, economic and environmental factors which the intervention is designed to affect or may inadvertently affect.

Data Analysis
We do both qualitative and quantitative data analysis. The aim of qualitative analysis is a complete, detailed description. No attempt is made to assign frequencies to the linguistic features which are identified in the data, and rare phenomena receive the same amount of attention as more frequent phenomena. Qualitative analysis allows for fine distinctions to be drawn because it is not necessary to group the data into a finite number of classifications.

Field Data Collection
We also help companies / organizations to get any kind of data both qualitative and quantitative whether primary or secondary. We have the expertise for designing various research instruments that meet your specific research objectives and methodology. We can collect different types of data such as:

  • Survey: cross sectional data and longitudinal data
  • Time series data
  • All forms of qualitative data etc.

Data Capture
ITWS Specialists
has a vibrant data-entry team comprised of qualified people. We receive a lot of paper questionnaires from survey projects.  We know how to successfully set up your projects that require data entry and can ensure that they are handled properly. We take coding very seriously since it is a crucial element to the overall success of any project.

Info & Literature Search
ITWS Specialist
research team has access to various academic and professional electronic journals needed for review of literature on varied research topics in several disciplines.


Other Research Services Offered

1.Conduct research assignments including

  • Baseline surveys;
  • Data collection;
  • Data management and analysis (ODK, CT –survey, EXCEL, Epidata, Stata, spss) ;
  • Desk reviews 
  • Writing manuscripts ready for application ;.
  • Design of data collection tools

2. Monitoring and evaluation this includes the followng.

  • Baseline, mid-term and terminal evaluations; 
  • Design of monitoring and evaluation systems in organisation ;
  • Design of monitoring tools

3. Documentation of conference and workshop proceeding and this includes the following

  • Rapportouring
  • Edition of workshop and conference videos

4. Training in research and monitoring and evaluation

  •  Certificate in Research methodology
  • Certificate in Applied statistics
  • Certificate in data analysis (a cocktail of many packages)
  • Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Certificate in project Planning and Management


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